I’m seeing A Great Big Pile of Leaves for the 6th time tonight and I’m PUMPED

Embracing Facts


INTO IT. OVER IT. // Embracing Facts

How the hell could I have been so dumb?
As an outspoken man with a well sharpened tongue, 
I sorta thought I’d start to change with age 
but I’ve just stayed the same. 

Call me crazy, but today I’m embracing facts:
a past full of mistakes which I can’t take back. 
It’s a cryin’ shame 
That I’d drag this out just to pass the blame.

How the hell could I have been so weak? 
A plush backseat flips my switch on to speak and says 
"Your common sense will never pay the rent." 
Harsh words from a path that I seldom choose. 
I’ll scream at the wall as you sing the blues
To the minor chords that you and I simply can’t afford